<r:site_menu />

This outputs the site navigation in an unordered list, starting at the root level of the site.

Attribute Options

ul_class="your-class" - The class that the site menu should have.

ul_id="your-id" - The ID that the site menu should have.

max_depth="number" - The max depth that the site menu should go from the root level.

active_class="your-class" - The class that gets added to the <a>tag of the page you are currently on.

open_class="your-class" - The class that gets applied to every <li>tag containing the current page.

has_children_class="your-class" - Adds a class to any <li> that contains and unordered list.


<r:site_menu ul_class="some-class" ul_id="some-id" max_depth="1" active_class="active" open_class="open" has_children_class="your-class" />

Last updated on January 30, 2015.

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