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<r:editable_region />

Inserts an editable region into your page.

Default Content

You can add default content by wrapping it inside <r:editable_region> and </r:editable_region>.


    <r:editable_region name="region-name">
      This is the default content

Attribute Options

name="region-name" - This must exist for every editable region so that the database can save the data. This is the name of the editable region. This may not have any spaces, punctuation or upper case letters. Each editable region name on a page must be unique.

type="simple" - Turns the editable region into a plain-text region. It won't have code editor or WYSIWYG capabilities. In other words, the styles in this region won't be able to be changed by the user.

scope="site" - Makes the editable region global, meaning that it will stay the same across every page where it exists. This is appropriate for content that stays the same between all pages, like header and/or footer content.

NOTE: If you make an editable region, then later decide to make it an editable region with global content, best practice is to give the region a new name in the name="region-name" field to avoid confusion in the CleanSlate database (and on your pages!).

Last updated on February 9, 2015.

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