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Page Label Menu

This menu requires a few of the following radius tags along with a standard HTML menu structure.

This starts us in the root of the site:


This selects all pages in your site that have been labeled "name-of-your-label":

<r:descendants:each labels="name-of-your-label">

Use the <a>tag with <r:page:url />and <r:page:name />to dynamically create the page link and title in the menu.

<a href="<r:page:url />"><r:page:name /></a>


    <r:descendants:each labels="name-of-your-label">
        <a href="<r:page:url />"><r:page:name /></a>

Note: Make sure the pages you're including in your Page Label Menu are not hidden. Also, make sure they've been published.

Note 2: To select pages with labels only at the root level, use r:children instead of r:descendants.

Note 3: Want to use more than one label? Separate multiple labels with commas. Do not include a space. For example:

Last updated on December 27, 2019.

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