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<r:ancestor_menu />

This will list all pages going up from the current page and pages at the root. So, if you put this tag in a page nested deep within your site, it will print out all pages above and below the current page. It will not print out pages nested beneath other root level pages.

Attribute Options

ul_class="your-class" - The class that the unordered list will have.

ul_id="your-id" - The ID that the unordered list will have.

active_class="your-class" - The class that gets added to the  <a> tag of the page you are currently on.

open_class="your-class" - The class that gets applied to every  <li> tag containing the current page.

start_depth="number" - Page depth to start listing pages from. Defaults to current page depth. Cannot exceed current page depth.

max_depth="number" - Maximum number of levels to list.

include_link_ids="false" - Boolean. Default value: false Enables/disables output of ID's set via the Link Attributes tab in Page Properties on anchor tags (<a>).

NOTE: Be careful enabling this on r:ancestor_menu. If you don't have this set to false on r:site_menu, r:breadcrumbs and r:sub_menu, you will have duplicate ID's being output for the main navigation and sub navigation.


<r:ancestor_menu ul_id="ancestor" ul_class="menu" start_depth="1" max_depth="2" active_class="active" open_class="open" include_link_ids="false" >

Last updated on August 13, 2019.

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