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Get a random image, file, or blog article

It’s possible to have CleanSlate generate a random image, file, or blog article. This can be useful for changing background images on a hero element, getting a random blog post to display on your site’s homepage, or for getting a random page from within your site. CleanSlate will generate a new random image, file, or blog article every 30 seconds.

Get a random image based on a label:

As an image tag in HTML:

<r:files:each labels="my-label" limit="1" types="image" random="true">
  <img src="<r:file:image_url />" alt="<r:file:alt_text />">

…Or inline as a random background image on a div:

<div class="my-div" style="background-image: url(<r:files:each labels="my-label" limit="1" types="image" random="true"><r:file:image_url /></r:files:each>);"></div>

You can also do this in a style attribute in the head and even have CleanSlate generate different sizes of the image from a loop.

Get a random blog post

<r:blog:articles:each limit="1" random="true">
  <r:article:name />

Get a random page

<r:siblings:each limit="1" random="true">
  <r:page:name />

This can be used in any loop using r:children, r:siblings, r:descendants and r:ancestors.

Last updated on June 15, 2018.

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