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<r:blog:{attr} />

This is not truly a tag, but rather a format you would use to get properties about the blog post or index, where attr is replaced by the information you are retrieving.

Most of the attribute options available for <r:page:{attr} /> are also available for <r:blog:{attr} />. The attributes listed below are <r:blog:{attr} /> specific attributes:

Attribute Options

  • <r:blog:archive:monthly /> - Displays an unordered list of blog archives. Eg: December 2012, January 2013, June 2015.
    • date_format - How to output the date portion of the data. Uses the same syntax as <r:date_format> (Default: %B %Y)
    • include_count - Boolean. Whether or not to include a <span> with the number of articles for each item (Default: true)
    • ul_class - The class applied to the <ul>.
    • count_class - The class applied to the <span> containing the article count.


<r:blog:archive:monthly />


<r:blog:archive:monthly date_format="%b %Y" include_count="true" ul_class="blog-archive" count_class="blog-archive__count"/>

Last updated on December 14, 2015.

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