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<r:breadcrumbs />

This tag outputs site breadcrumbs in an unordered list.

Attribute Options

ul_id="your-id" - The ID that the unordered list should have.

ul_class="your-class" - The class that the unordered list should have.

link_class="your-anchor-class" - Apply classes to each anchor tag (<a>) in the unordered list.

include_link_ids="false" - Boolean. Default value: false Enables/disables output of ID's set via the Link Attributes tab in Page Properties on anchor tags (<a>).

NOTE: Be careful enabling this on r:breadcrumbs. If you don't have this set to false on r:site_menu, r:sub_menu, and r:ancestor_menu, you will have duplicate ID's being output for the main navigation and ancestor navigation.

Example usage:

<r:breadcrumbs ul_id="my-breadcrumbs-id" ul_class="wvu-breadcrumbs__crumbs" link_class="your-anchor-class" include_link_ids="false" />

Last updated on August 13, 2019.

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