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<r:get_file />

Target a certain file by its ID. This tag is most often used within a loop.

This tag is useful for pulling files into a different page or feed on your site (likely in tandem with r:each), among many other uses.


Hover over the thumbnail preview in Files to get a file's ID

id="1234" - The ID of the file you would like to target. The ID can be found by going to Files and hovering over the thumbnail preview in Files to get a file's ID. You can also get this programatically via a loop.


<r:get_file id="1234">
  <r:file:name />

Or, perhaps you want to use it in an XML feed for the Staff Council theme:

<r:set_var name="imgID">
    <r:select_html_attr css_selector="img" attr="data-asset-id">
        <r:page:content name="wvu-profile__photo" />

    <r:get_file id="{$imgID}">
        <r:file:download_url />

Last updated on July 4, 2018.

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