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New Global Stylesheet: v6.0

We published a new version of the global stylesheet—v6.0. This new version includes the new branding from Ologie with styles borrowed from Adam Glenn's Brand Patterns.

The structure of the stylesheet remains very similar to what was seen in v5.0; however, since this update includes the new branding, v6.0 is not backwards compatible with v5.0. The typographic foundation of v6.0 is completely different from v5.0.

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CleanSlate will move to HTTPS. Here's what you need to know.

We're moving all CleanSlate sites to HTTPS by fall 2015 (if not earlier) spring 2016. This means your sites could end up busted when we switch to HTTPS. To ready your sites for this move, please test and resolve any Mixed Content errors or warnings before we make the switch permanent.

This post will show you how to test your site for HTTPS and how to fix any errors that may exist.

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Caching assets in CleanSlate

In February, we deployed some changes in the way CleanSlate caches assets—things like CSS, JavaScript, and images. Before February, assets were set with a 15 minute expires header. If a user visited a page on your site, the stylesheets, JavaScript, and images were cached for fifteen minutes.

We're now caching those assets for an entire year.

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New Global Stylesheet: v5.0

We published a new version of the global stylesheet—v5.0. These changes stemmed from wanting to add a link for content editors to log in and go to the current page to edit content. 

After making a few changes, I figured it was a good time to do some housecleaning.

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We've made our issue tracker public

Earlier this week we made our issue tracker for CleanSlate public. This has been in the cards for some time and we're excited to announce this work is done.

We plan to use this GitHub repository to:

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Screencast: Converting a theme to CleanSlate

I recently recorded a screencast which details how to convert a theme—from start to finish—from SlateCMS to CleanSlate in 30 minutes. We used the 2012 Holiday Card site for the recording.

Even if you're not coming from SlateCMS, this screencast will give you a good overview of how to convert either HTML files or a template from a different CMS to CleanSlate.

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