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<r:files:{attr} />

A tag used to loop through files like images, PDF's, audio files and more.

Attribute Options

labels="my-label,donkey" - The labels you want to add to the loop.

types - The type(s) of files you want to display. Valid options are audio, document, file, image, pdf and video.

labels_match - Specifies how you should match your labels. Valid options are any, all, or none.

by - The field which order sorts by. Valid options are the same as those listed when you edit a file's properties.

order - Sort the outputted items by ascending or descending. Valid options are asc or desc.

random - Boolean. Valid options are true or false. Pulls a random file every 30 seconds from within the loop.


<r:files labels="tag1,tag2" types="image" labels_match="any" by="title" order="asc" random="false">
  <ul class="thumbnails">
        <a href="<r:file:image_url />">
          <r:file:image_tag size="250x250" alt="{file:alt_text}" />

{% files.{attr} %}

A tag used to loop through files like images, PDF's, audio files and more.

Files Filters

The files tag uses a parent filter_files filter that takes the following arguments:

tags - A comma separated list of labels/tags to filter by. Do not include spaces. Eg: hello,my-special-label,News_Events.

types - Specify what types of files you would like to return. Eg: image,audio,document,file,pdf,video.

tags_match - Specify any, all or none as to how to match which of the referenced labels. any means any file with any one of the labels. all means the file must have every label specified in the list. none means files that don't have the specified labels.

order - The order you want to display the files. Valid values are: name, title, alt_text, description, size and uploaded_at.

title - Specify the title of a file or files you want to filter by.

reverse - Reverse the order of the output. Value: boolean.

random - Randomize the output of the files loop. Value: boolean.

offset - Used for pagination of files. Used in conjunction with limit and page parameters. Default: 1. Eg: offset: 2 or offset:

limit - Limit the number of files output by the loop. Value: integer. Default: 50.


Output linked images based off of a label via a page slug:

{% capture gallerypage %}{{ page.slug }}-gallery{% endcapture %}
{% assign images = site.files | filter_files: tags: gallerypage, types: "image" %}
{% for image in images.all %}
  <div class="image-container">
    <a href="{{ image | image_url: size: "960x640" }}" title="{{ image.description }}">
      <img src="{{ image | image_url: size: "480x320" }}" alt="{{ image.alt_text }}" />
{% endfor %}

Output a list of files with links. If the file is an image, output the image to an image tag along with the image path and URL:

{% assign files = site.files | filter_files: tags: "download,wvu,profile", types: "", tags_match: "any", order: "uploaded_at", limit: 5, offset: %}
<ul class="files">
  {% for file in files.all %}
    <li class="span4">
      <span>{{ forloop.index }} - </span>
      <a href="{{ file.download_url }}" data-asset-id="{{ }}">{{ file.title }}</a>
      <small>({{ file.filename }} uploaded {{ file.uploaded_at | date: "%Y-%m-%d" }})</small>
        {% if file.is_image %}
          <img src="{{ file | image_url: size: "250x" }}" /> <br/>
          Original Image Dimensions: {{ file.image_dimensions }} <br/>
          Image Path: {{ file | image_path }} <br/>
          Image URL: {{ file | image_url }}
        {% endif %}
  {% endfor %}

Last updated on March 15, 2021.

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