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Preview a live site using a different theme

Are you redesigning a site? Do you want to see how your changes look before going live?

CleanSlate allows us to view a site in production (or in .sandbox) using a different theme.

  1. Push the new theme to Bitbucket.
  2. Install the theme in CleanSlate.
  3. Note the theme ID on CleanSlate's Themes page. If you don't have access to view this information, hit up one of the designers at University Relations / Web.
  4. Go to the site you want to preview. For example, Add ?_theme_id=6 to the end of the URL. 6 is where to place the theme ID you want to preview.

Note: Once you visit a new page, you'll have to re-add the query string. 

Where to find a theme's ID:

Contact one of the University Relations / Digital Services Designers with the Theme Name and Repo URL in Bitbucket and they can tell you the theme's ID. It should look something like this:

Where to find a theme's ID

Last updated on June 15, 2018.

We welcome all questions, feedback and bug reports. If you're having an issue, we usually need the following information:

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Kindly email for help or use the form on the request help page.