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r:page:if_has_content_for and r:page:unless_has_content_for

<r:page:if_has_content_for /> allows you to check if an editable region has content.

<r:page:unless_has_content_for /> is the equivalent of “if_doesnt_have_content_for”.

NOTE: You can use this tag to wrap anything in the <r:page /> context. This may prove helpful when pulling content from other pages via <r:page:content name="region-name" />.

Attribute Options

  • region="region-name" - The name of the editable region you want to check for content.
  • always_show_in_edit_mode - Boolean. Should the stuff between these tags show in edit mode? Default value: false.


A good example for this tag is to check if there’s content in a sidebar on a page. If there’s not, don’t output the markup for the sidebar and make your main content area go full width (provided the CSS allows it).

<r:page:if_has_content_for region="wvu-sidebar" always_show_in_edit_mode="true">
  <aside class="sidebar">
    <r:editable_region name="wvu-sidebar" />

Another example is for student profiles. A student always has a major; however, a student doesn’t always have a minor. Here’s how to show a minor if they have one:

<r:page:if_has_content_for region="wvu-profile__minor" always_show_in_edit_mode="true">
    <strong>Minor: </strong> <r:editable_region name="wvu-profile__minor" type="simple">
      Enter the person's minor. If they don't have one, delete this text and it won't show up in production.

And here’s how to only show the minor on the profile index page if they have one:

<r:children:each> <!-- Heads up! You may already have this r:children:each tag in your template. -->
  <r:page:if_has_content_for region="wvu-profile__minor">
      <strong>Minor: </strong><r:page:content name="wvu-profile__minor" />

Last updated on February 12, 2016.

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