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<r:replace />

This tag uses regular expressions to replace the content inside the tag with whatever characters you specify.

Attribute Options:

  • match - The regular expression pattern to use to match what characters to replace. String.
  • with - The characters to replace what was matched in the match attribute. String.


<r:replace match="WordPress" with="CleanSlate">
  WordPress is the best CMS.
<!-- Output: "CleanSlate is the best CMS." -->
<!-- RegEx matches any digit -->
<r:replace match="\d" with="A">123</r:replace>
<!-- Output: "AAA" -->
<!-- Regex to grab individual strings, sans commas and spaces -->
<!-- Regex from: -->
<r:replace match="[^,\s][^\,]*[^,\s]*" with="Renamed tag">
  tag_1, tag 2, label-3, example
<!-- Output: "Renamed tag, Renamed tag, Renamed tag, Renamed tag" -->

Last updated on January 23, 2020.

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