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In CleanSlate, it is possible to access the previous and next pages relevant to the current page, based on page ordering, with the  <r:page:previous_sibling> and  <r:page:next_sibling> tags.

For example, you could create a pager to navigate through a set of sibling pages as follows:

<ul class="pager"> 
    <li class="previous"><a href="<r:page:url />">&larr; <r:page:name /></a></li> 

  <li class="next"><a href="<r:page:url />"><r:page:name /> &rarr;</a></li> </r:page:next_sibling> </ul>

NOTE: This functionality is dependent on the 'Sort order' property of the sibling pages. Each sibling page should have a unique sort order value. Pages with the same sort order value may behave unexpectedly when using the<r:page:previous_sibling> and <r:page:next_sibling> tags.

Last updated on October 29, 2014.

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