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Create a Gallery

This section covers how to add a gallery or multiple galleries to your site. 

Part 1: Create a Gallery

  1. Create a "New Content page" for your gallery, insert name, select "Gallery" under "Page Template", and click Save. gallery page screenshot
  2. From the dashboard of your website, select the Files tab on the left to upload photos for your gallery.
  3. Click the green "Upload Files" button on the upper right side of the page.
  4. A window titled "Upload Files" should appear. Simply drag-and-drop your files into the window where it indicates "Drag files here.", or click "Add files" to select individual files and click "Start Upload" button. You can upload several files at once. If files successfully uploaded, the status will indicate 100% when done.
  5. To add files to gallery, hover over file name and select the "Edit" option. An "Edit File Properties" window should appear. In the Label field, insert the name of the gallery page and add the -gallery suffix. For example: if the gallery page name is "Campus Event", then label each photo "campus-event-gallery". Hit enter after you add a label and click "Save". Your Label should appear highlighted in yellow.
    label photos screenshot     

Part 2: Multiple Galleries

  1. If you want multiple galleries on a page, create a new content page, select the "Gallery Index" template, name the page and then click"Save".  
  2. Create individual gallery child pages under the main page or move your previously created gallery page under it by using the "Move Page" option. 
  3. Make sure you publish each gallery page to get the photos to appear and populate to the main page. 
  4. To view your gallery, open the page and select "View in New Tab" to see it in web view.
Note: Your site has to have the "Gallery" and "Gallery Index" templates to use this method.

Last updated on January 6, 2017.

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