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Request a CleanSlate Account

If you don't have a CleanSlate account (meaning you've never logged into the system before), you should get in touch with a site owner. Site owners have the ability to invite users to CleanSlate. Find out who owns the site you want to edit by asking your college's Professional Technologist or co-workers in your office.

How site owners invite users to CleanSlate:

 Screenshot of add member page in CleanSlate

  1. A site owner receives a request for a CleanSlate account—generally via email, by phone, or in person. To invite a user to CleanSlate, the site owner needs the requestor's WVU email address.
  2. To invite a new user to CleanSlate and—simultaneously—their site, log in to CleanSlate and select the appropriate site.
  3. Go to Manage > Members and click "Add Member" in the upper right. 
  4. Search for the user in the drop down menu. If they don't show up, click the "Invite" link.
  5. Enter the new user's email address (double check your spelling!), select their appropriate role (Administrator, Publisher, or Writer) and hit "Invite Member".
  6. An email will be sent to the new user. They will have seven days to click the link provided in the email and sign into CleanSlate with their WVU Login credentials.
  7. Once the user has clicked the link and signed into CleanSlate, they have successfully completed their registration. They can now log in whenever they like, create and edit content on their site(s). Congrats!


What is CleanSlate?

CleanSlate is a web content management system built by WVU University Relations / Web. It's goal is to help site administrators manage content on their websites.

I was redirected to the CleanSlate login page from a different website. Do I need login credentials to access this content?

No, you don't. You most likely found a broken link on that other website. Nice find! To access the content you're looking for, your best bet is to go back to the aforementioned site, find someone's email, email them the link you clicked on and the URL of the page where you found that broken link. They will be able to fix the link and get you pointed in the right direction.

After I've invited a user to CleanSlate and they've registered, do I have to repeat the process for other sites they want access to?

No. You only need to invite a user to CleanSlate once. Once they're in the system, follow instructions on managing site members.

Have more questions? Feel free to shoot us an email at We're happy to help.

Last updated on June 13, 2022.

We welcome all questions, feedback and bug reports. If you're having an issue, we usually need the following information:

  • A brief description of the issue
  • A link to the page where you saw the issue
  • Screenshots that illustrate the problem - How do I take a screenshot?

Kindly email for help or use the form on the request help page.