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Reorganizing Pages

This section covers reorganizing or moving pages.

  1. On Pages , hover over the page you want to move. 
  2. Click the "Move Page" item in the hover menu.
  3. The page will be highlighted in yellow and a dotted border will appear around your page. This indicates that you are in Move Page Mode.
  4. Next, place your cursor over where you want your page to go. Several options will appear such as place "Above", "Below", "As Child" and "Cancel".
    • These options are context sensitive. You cannot move blog posts or pages beneath a blog (as those are chronologically ordered) and you cannot move a parent page with children into it's children (no orphans!).
  5. Click one of the options mentioned above. The page will highlight in green and indicate "Page moved!" once the move is complete.
    Congrats! You just moved a page.

(This How-to assumes you have the appropriate permissions to reorganize pages.)

Last updated on February 16, 2022.

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