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Add Siteimprove Scores to CleanSlate

Siteimprove scores in CleanSlate's Site Overview

Siteimprove is a tool used for Quality Assurance (broken links and misspellings), Accessibility and SEO monitoring. Sites are given scores from 0-100 that denote the health of a site.

It is possible to add your Quality Assurance and Accessibility scores to the Site Overview page in CleanSlate. This puts your Siteimprove scores front and center and will hopefully draw attention to areas of your site that may need care.

How to add Siteimprove Scores to CleanSlate

  1. First, log in to Siteimprove. Navigate to the site whose scores you want added to CleanSlate.
  2. Note the URL. It will look something like this:
  3. Copy the numbers in the yyyyyyyyyy position of the URL. This is Siteimprove’s ID for your site.
  4. Log in to CleanSlate and navigate to your site. Then, go to Manage > Settings.
    • Note: If you are not an Administrator, you do not have access to Manage > Settings. Contact your Site Owner if this is the case. They can add the Siteimprove Site ID for you.
  5. Paste the Siteimprove Site ID into the “Siteimprove ID” field. Hit Save.
  6. After a minute or so, your scores will show up on the Site Overview page.


I’m not seeing my site in Siteimprove.

Sites must be manually added to Siteimprove. If your site is not yet in Siteimprove, contact your college or department’s Professional Technologist and request that your site be added. Be sure to give them the full public URL and a list of names and email addresses of the people who need access to the site in Siteimprove.

I’m not seeing Manage > Settings in CleanSlate.

This means you are either a Publisher or a Writer in CleanSlate. Contact your Site Owner or your designated Professional Technologist to get Siteimprove scores set up.

I navigated to the Site Overview, but my scores are not showing up.

First, make sure you have the correct Siteimprove ID and you have indeed saved it in Manage > Settings. If so, wait a few minutes. Sometimes the Siteimprove API is slow and takes some time to return scores. After a short time, hit refresh on the Site Overview page.

Last updated on March 23, 2021.

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