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Request an Account / Site

Step 1: Fill out the Request Form.

Step 2: Wait for a response from University Relations / Web. We will get you set up with a new account or site and respond back via email.

Step 3: Once you receive a response from University Relations / Web, you will have accounts and access to both Bitbucket and CleanSlate. Log in via the following URL's:



Step 4: Clone your theme from Bitbucket into the following directory:  ~/Sites/cleanslate_themes. You may need to make a Sitesfolder and you'll probably have to make a cleanslate_themesfolder if you don't already have them. If you need a refresher on how to use Git, see the Learn Git course on Codecademy.

Step 5: You're now well on your way to making your first theme. Follow the documentation in the Getting Started Guide to get the lay of the land.

Last updated on July 18, 2019.

We welcome all questions, feedback and bug reports. If you're having an issue, we usually need the following information:

  • A brief description of the issue
  • A link to the page where you saw the issue
  • Screenshots that illustrate the problem - How do I take a screenshot?

Kindly email for help or use the form on the request help page.