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Introducing user invites

We recently launched a new feature for CleanSlate: user invitations. User invitations allow users who don't yet have an account in CleanSlate to gain access to the system.

Building off our experiences from Slate, we learned from its user onboarding experience. We brainstormed and laid out a few goals:

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CleanSlate leaves beta & gets a site

Today, CleanSlate turns 1 and officially leaves beta.

We've been making CleanSlate since 2011 and today we're happy to announce that we're officially dropping the beta tag and releasing v1.0. Along with this release comes a site full of documentation for the CMS, its features, and this blog.

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Getting IE8 and below to support Media Queries

This could also be titled as "Help! My site's layout looks super busted in IE8!"

Basically, respond.jswill add support for media queries in IE8 and below. The  CleanSlate Toolkit comes with respond.jsalready linked up in views/layouts/default.html. That said, you must serve the global stylesheet from within your theme in order for it to support media queries (instead of from This is one of the known caveats of the respond.js library.

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