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Hammer updated to include branded interface, more helpful error messages and more

Update There was a small bug in the released version v1.0.13 and continued in v1.0.14, and v1.1.0 that caused the Hammer not to see all pushed releases with higher version numbers. Please update your install by running `vagrant hammer update` from your hammer-vm directory in console. Current working version recommended is v1.1.1.

We’ve made some improvements to Hammer and Hammer-VM, the tools we use to create and test CleanSlate themes locally.

You can upgrade, or install Hammer for the first time, by following the instructions in the README included in the Hammer-VM git repository.

Here are some of the highlights of the changes that were made:

Branded hammer cleanslate_themes list

  • New branded theme view interface
    Hammer now includes a nicely branded theme view interface and breadcrumbs to easily navigate folders.

  • New Hammer navigation toolbar
    There is now a navigation toolbar injected onto the top of your page to navigate quickly between themes and views. This toolbar can be turned on and off through the mock_data.yml file. See Hammer README under Mock Data Documentation for more on the hammer_nav key.

  • New stylized Hamer Error and Warning messages
    The new error and warning messages are not just much easier to look at but the contents have been standardized to make them easily followed and recognizable.  Missing editable_region keys in mock_data.yml now will automatically inject paragraph code if you choose not to create those keys, and will show only as a warning.

  • Increased support for Blog radius tags
    Blogs are now more thoroughly supported. Some older syntax has been depreciated. Depreciation warnings will show up in your theme if you use older mock_data.yml syntax.

  • New version based release system (current version: v1.0.13)
    Hammer will let you know what version you have installed compared to the current release. This helps to let you know how far behind you may or may not be. This also allows an easier and faster release cycle.

  • New Changelog included
    The CHANGELOG documents all the changes to Hammer between releases. This helps with issue tracking and knowing what’s included in new releases. This keeps you aware of what’s happening in the CleanSlate theme world.

  • A Cleanup of extraneous vagrant build messages and more useful prompts
    Gone are the random error messages, and confusing port collision outputs. A much cleaner vagrant build process is here. The Hamer server start prompt now includes what port you are running on, and a `cmd + click` on the URL will open your browser to Hammer right from the terminal window.

  • Lots of other code cleanup
    Tons of under the hood changes to hopefully make Hammer more performant and provide a cleaner experience.

Examples of the new Hammer toolbar and errors/warnings.

As always, with new changes always comes new bugs.

If you find anything that you think is not working correctly with Hammer or would like to request a feature, create an issue in our Hammer issue tracker.

If Hammer-VM does not complete the Hammer install for any reason, or if it generates any errors, please create an issue on the Hammer-VM issue tracker.

We hope to introduce lots of new features in the coming months. Having this new versioned release cycle will make it easier for us to do so.