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New Global Stylesheet: v6.0

We published a new version of the global stylesheet—v6.0. This new version includes the new branding from Ologie with styles borrowed from Adam Glenn's Brand Patterns.

The structure of the stylesheet remains very similar to what was seen in v5.0; however, since this update includes the new branding, v6.0 is not backwards compatible with v5.0. The typographic foundation of v6.0 is completely different from v5.0.

Changes Include

  • Updated the masthead to use "Masthead Mini" from
  • Updated the look of the main navigation to be similar to what's found on Patterns
  • Updated the typography to follow the new brand
  • Updated look of breadcrumbs to follow whats on Patterns
  • Updated the footer to include A-Z Index through Directory. These links were in the masthead in global-v5
  • Updated Normalize.css to v3.0.3
  • Unified comment style at the top of each Sass file
  • Moved fake link styles for footer to its own Sass partial

When should I use the CleanSlate toolkit/global stylesheet?

We recommend you use the  CleanSlate Toolkit—which includes this global stylesheet—whenever using Brand Patterns doesn't fit the needs of your project.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions.