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Adding Images and Videos

(To add images or videos to a page, utilize the media option in the top-half of the toolbar. It appears as Media Button)


To upload an image, you must first choose whether to upload it to the site or link to it from an external site (i.e., one that isn't linked to CleanSlate).
To upload an image:
  1. Click the "Choose Image" button and find your image. Hover over the image and click the "Choose" button that appears underneath it.           Click the "choose" button
  2. If it is an external image, find the image's URL and copy-paste it into the box that appears specifically for external images ONLY.
  3. Additionally, you can specify a height and width of the image.
  4. Write in the alt text.
  5. Optional: You can click the "Options" button to get access to Title, Align, HTML Class and HTML ID.


You can only upload videos from external sites.

To upload a video:
  1. Find the video's URL. Copy-paste it into the Video URL box.
  2. Specify and height and width for the video.
  3. You can preview the video if you wish by clicking the "Preview" button. 

Last updated on November 3, 2014.

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