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Creating Links

The link button resides in the top-half of the toolbar, and the link button appears  as  Links Button The following tutorial covers creating links.

The first field in the link options window is link content, which is the text that appears inside the link itself. You can either type the text in this field, or alternatively, highlight the text you want the link to appear as, then select the link option from the toolbar and the link content field will automatically be filled in with your highlighted selection.

Types of links

  • Site Page - Selecting this option will bring up the collection of pages your site contains. Hover over the page you want to link to and select 'Choose'.
  • Site File - Selecting this option will bring up the collection of files your site contains. Hover over the file you want to link to and select 'Choose'.
  • Standard Links - The URL of the page you want the user to be redirected to. This field should only be used for links that are not a page in your site, email addresses, and telephone numbers.
  • Index/Bookmark Links - With this option the user can set up a jump link which will navigate the user to a different section of the page they're presently on. First create the initial link, then set up the bookmark link in the link options.

options/link target

This section is how you clarify the way in which you want the user to view their link (new tab, new window, pop-up window etc.).

Last updated on January 29, 2016.

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